Best Smoothie Delivery Service - High Protein Shake Please Smoothies

Shake Please Named The Best (Protein) Smoothie Delivery Service

Reasons why Shake Please is the best smoothie delivery service starts with..

Shake Please delivers pre-made whey protein smoothies that are ready to consume in 1 minutes or less.

You can choose to receive 8, 16 or 24 smoothies per month.

Choose from 4 nutritious smoothie flavors including Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana, Vanilla Berry and Pineapple Berry.

Each smoothie is made with frozen whole fruit (in the cup) and whey protein powder (in the matching pouch)

Smoothies are delivered frozen and ready to blend.

Healthy and delicious smoothies with between 24 and 33 grams of high quality protein each.


Best Smoothie Delivery Service For 2023

Created by smoothie lovers, for smoothie lovers! 

Protein content: 24 to 33 grams per smoothie

Serving size: Single-serve, which includes both the fruit cup and whey protein powder pouch

Cost: $10 per smoothie — automatic discounts for larger subscription boxes.

Smoothie Subscription boxes: 8, 16 or 24 smoothies

Protein Smoothie preparation: Fill cup 2/3 of the way – with your favorite liquid – toss cup contents and protein powder in blender. Blend. Pour back in the fruit cup and enjoy.

protein smoothie delivery


What Fans Of The Best Smoothie Delivery Service Have To Say:


Hands down the best tasting smoothie I have ever tasted and so convenient. I have my 2 favorite flavors but all 4 are good to go.


Absolutely delicious especially when I am pressed for time. This is my new breakfast. It only takes a minute and holds me until lunch.


It tastes like a treat but is healthy with 24 grams of protein


I'm so happy that I found Shake Please. I've been looking for smoothies that are higher in protein and these smoothies have the perfect amount of protein for me. Now I get more than 25 grams of protein when I need it and they taste amazing.


I’ve used other smoothie delivery services and decided to give Shake Please a try being that their smoothies are much higher in protein.

Not only do they taste delicious, but they are much better and more nutritious than the other smoothie delivery services plus I get the boost in protein.

It’s a win win and I am now a loyal customer.


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