Daily Harvest Alternative Smoothies

Ultimate guide to the best pre made smoothie delivery service

When it comes to a Daily Harvest alternative...

Shake Please pre made smoothies have become the leader in delivering high quality protein smoothies.

Although Daily Harvest was first to market and is currently the biggest smoothie delivery service in the industry Shake Please smoothies cannot be denied as a very nutritious alternative.


Shake Please or Daily harvest pre made smoothie comparison

Of the two pre made smoothie delivery services, the best would have to go to Shake Please.

Given the fact that their smoothies not only include the most protein, but whey protein is the most complete protein.

While also answering the consumer's request for more protein in their smoothies.

Why should you order from a pre made smoothie delivery service?

There are very good reasons why pre made smoothie delivery has become so popular. 

Healthy, fast and delicious smoothies add variety to an otherwise boring meal plan. 

Pre made smoothies are easy, convenient and when they include protein offer an excellent alternative to the same ol' daily prepared meal delivery.


Shake Please is popular for delivering pre made protein smoothies 

Daily Harvest delivers a pre made plant based smoothie


     Daily Harvest vs Shake Please Head to Head Comparison


    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Smoothie delivery

    Both Daily Harvest and Shake Please ship frozen.

    Both include thermal packaging and dry ice to keep the smoothies frozen long enough to get them into your freezer upon delivery.


    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Differences

    Only Shake Please smoothies include whey protein for the most complete nutritional balance. Including protein in your smoothie offers substantial and very important benefits.

    Including the fact that whey protein is the most complete protein and has been proven in studies to build muscle and burn fat.

    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Smoothie selection

    Shake Please has the best protein smoothie selection and Daily Harvest has the larger plant based smoothie selection.

    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Smoothie subscription

    Daily Harvest and Shake Please both offer subscription delivery with easy interfaces. In which you can easily pause, skip or cancel at any time.

    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Ingredient comparison

    Shake Please ingredients are fruit based and come with a separate whey protein pouch. Daily Harvest ingredients are plant based.


    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Smoothie Recipes

    Being that both Shake Please and Daily Harvest smoothies come in pre made/ pre measured smoothie cups neither Shake Please nor Daily Harvest smoothies require a recipe. Simply add liquid and blend.


    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Shared qualities

    Both are frozen fresh at peak ripeness to lock in flavor and nutrients.
    Both Daily Harvest and Shake Please offer high quality ingredients.

    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Similarities

    Smoothies are delivered pre made and ready to blend.

    Mix with your favorite liquid, pour back in the convenient cup and go - How to make the perfect smoothie every time


    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Speed of preparation

    Both are very fast and convenient with the entire process taking 30-60 seconds.


    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Which smoothie offers the better value?

    Shake Please smoothies give your more for your money and are a much better value being that each smoothie cup also includes a whey protein pouch.


    Daily Harvest vs Shake Please: Which is the better meal replacement?

    Shake Please is the better meal replacement.

    Given that Shake Please smoothies include whey protein whereas most Daily Harvest smoothies contain considerably less protein.


    Is Daily Harvest or Shake Please better for losing weight and/or gaining muscle?

    Shake Please is the clear winner being that people drink protein shakes for many reasons. Including muscle gain, weight loss and injury recovery.

    Are pre made smoothies good for busy people?

    Pre made smoothies are an excellent choice for busy people!
    Depending on which smoothie you choose you are getting a healthy and delicious meal in a cup that requires no recipe and is ready to consume in less than a minute. Pretty awesome.

    Strawberry banana pre made smoothie with clear cup and protein powder spill
    • Smoothies for Fruit Lovers 

    If you are a fruit lover then you would most likely enjoy Shake Please smoothies frozen whole fruit combinations.

    • Smoothies for vegans (vegetarians)
    Daily Harvest smoothies are entirely plant-based

    The 4 best tasting protein shake recipes with nutrition facts

    • Smoothie preparation / How to blend 

    Simply add your favorite liquid to the cup, toss the ingredients of the cup into the blender, blend, pour back into the cup and go.

     Shake Please smoothie delivery highlights

    Shake Please includes a free 5 pc reusable stainless steel straw set with your first order ( $25 value)

    Why does Shake Please use whey protein in their smoothies?

    Whey protein is one of the most commonly used proteins and is best for day-to-day use. It contains all of the essential amino acids and is easily digested.

    Simply put whey protein is the most complete protein.

    So who offers the best pre made smoothie delivery?

    Shake Please is the obvious choice when choosing a healthy pre made smoothie delivery service.

    The best Daily Harvest alternative goes to Shake Please smoothies.