How to make the perfect smoothie every time | Fast and easy protein shakes!

Making the perfect smoothie

Making the perfect smoothie can be a challenge for a lot of people. First you have to find the right protein shake recipe and then make sure you have all of the ingredients. Then prepare and store the ingredients. 

Having to repeat this process over and over again is time consuming and tedious. I personally do not like cutting fruit (nor do most people I have spoken to)

Best pre made smoothies delivered

Taking all of this into consideration makes Shake Please an amazing value.

It took me forever to find a protein powder that actually tastes good with a particular recipe to offset the protein after taste that accompanies every protein powder.

Taste and consistency is important to me. Both in the smoothie I make today and tomorrow. 

Now. Wouldn't it be easier to pour water in a cup and throw the contents in a blender?


That is what you get with Shake Please. A delicious high protein shake with no guess work. 

Just the same great taste and consistency every time. 

Store the fruit cups in the freezer and you have a ready to blend smoothie with 24+ grams of protein in every serving that you look forward to because they are actually very delicious. 

Fast, convenient protein smoothies in less than a minute

Below is a quick video showing how fast and easily our smoothies blend together. It is the exact same process with all 4 flavors. 


 Don't forget to watch our video on how to make the perfect smoothie now!