Top 5 tips for the best tasting protein shake | Shake Please

Protein shakes and smoothies are very popular but which tastes best?


Top 5 tips for the best tasting protein shake | Shake Please

There's a reason I am writing this article

I really do not like the taste of the average protein shake. The after taste is what really gets me. There's also the chalkiness or the fact that many don't dissolve as well as others.

So I set out to fix this problem with the hopes of at least creating a shake that I would be more than just tolerable and I would look forward to drinking.

To my surprise I came up with a few recipes that are actually delicious. I mean milk shake taste delicious!

Now that I look forward to drinking my protein shake everyday I would like to share with you my secret to a delicious protein shake.

I did my own experimenting with many different protein powders with the hope of finding one with no after taste.

Over time I purchased all of the top protein powders on the market. Different brands in different flavors and yet they all had the dreaded aftertaste.

I settled on the 2 best tasting protein powders and started to experiment with what I was mixing the protein powder with.

I tried mixing with different kinds of milk and nowadays there are many including almond milk, oat milk, skim milk etc.

The thing about mixing whey protein powder with milk is that the powder itself is a milk derivative which does not help with taste.

So I tried mixing with water and different juices but they are too thin which allows the protein powder to still be the dominant taste.

It was a long process that took several months but I finally figured it out.

After many experiments I realized that the protein powder tastes best when adding a solid base. I started mixing my protein powder with fruit.

This is a game changer!

Now I enjoy my protein shake/smoothie. Drinking my shake isn't a chore like it used to be. I actually look forward to it now because in my case I use my protein shake as an in between meal / post workout almost everyday.

Now my protein shake/smoothie is absolutely delicious with a great milk shake like taste and consistency.

My 5 easy tips for a great tasting protein shake

My tips are as follows:
#1- Use fruit for taste.
#2- Blend with water
#3- Cold tastes better. Use ice or frozen fruit.
#4- Whey protein tastes best
#5- Shake Please pre made smoothies are absolutely delicious and delivered to your door. 

Water having no flavor allows the natural flavor of the fruit to shine through and will be what you taste most.

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