Why are protein shakes and smoothies so popular?

Woman blending a fruit protein smoothie

Would you like your protein smoothie to taste like a milkshake?

That would be great right?

That's not just to get your attention. It's true!

There are protein shake/smoothie recipes that will taste just like milkshakes.

The best protein shakes are actually protein smoothies

Let me explain.

What comes to mind when thinking of a protein shake? For many, it is a scoop of their favorite protein powder along with some milk in a shaker bottle.

This might do the trick but in terms of taste, it's kinda blah.

When it comes to delicious taste and consistency then a protein smoothie is what you really want.

This will include adding fruit, vegetables or both along with any number of ingredients which can be mixed together in a blender for what one would consider to be a healthy (perhaps goal-oriented) snack or meal depending on the actual ingredients but in the form of a smoothie.

I will give you an example:

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In this example, we will use fruit and whey protein as the main ingredients for our protein smoothie.

The reason for using this combination is that it will provide you with an amazing tasting yet optimally nutritious smoothie.

The purpose of using fruit as the base ingredient is its nutritional value along with the taste and consistency of the smoothie.

When done right your smoothie will have a great fruity refreshing flavor with no protein after taste along with a smooth milkshake-like consistency.

Because let's face it if the taste is a big factor for you then off-setting the aftertaste of the protein powder is a priority.

Even the best-tasting shakes often leave a chalky taste in your mouth, whether they be RTD's or your homemade protein shake/smoothie recipes.

The best balance of taste and consistency comes through a pre made smoothie delivery service. 

Protein smoothies are great to have throughout the day.

Protein smoothies can also be utilized in many different ways including:

- A quick breakfast
- Post-workout protein shake
- A healthy snack in between meals
- As a meal replacement (great for adding variety)
- Late-night snack

All of which are great options when considering the fact that depending on the ingredients protein smoothies will meet or can be customized to suit your dietary needs.

Substitute that Starbucks latte or bagel with a delicious smoothie. Not just because it's fast but it also contains so much more nutritional value.

Adding a smoothie to your day can be just as simple and a compliment to counting your steps with your Apple watch.

I'm sure I could give a million reasons but you get the idea.

How often have you said I wish I had another option when it comes to lunch today or dinner tomorrow.

I know I have!

Not only is a protein smoothie a great option but it can easily be added to your daily regimen.

Now, I am going to simplify your life and take your protein smoothie to a whole other level.

How about a protein smoothie that comes perfectly pre-portioned with whole fruit and high quality whey protein.

Shake Please smoothies

All you do is add your favorite liquid and blend!

Shake Please is a smoothie delivery company that delivers delicious pre-made ready to blend high protein smoothies direct to your door.

Store in your freezer for the convenient healthy smoothie that is ready when you are.

No recipe
No cutting fruit
Just add liquid and blend

Alternatively, you can make your own protein smoothie.

This will include:

1) buying fresh fruit
2) cutting the fruit
3) portion and weigh the fruit
4) storing the fruit
5) find a smoothie recipe - finding one that you like can be extremely challenging.
6) find the right protein powder
7) portion the protein powder
8) figure out how many calories you are drinking
-how much vitamin C
-how much sugar
-create a list of all nutritional value

Now, find a few more recipes unless you want to drink the exact same smoothie every day.

Your time is worth way more than this.

Shake Please gives you the fastest smoothie option while also being the most delicious and healthy option.

It's a win-win

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